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By: Valerie Bale

Planning an event has been known to be slightly stressful and somewhat overwhelming.  Details have to be decided early on in order to complete a bigger picture and sometimes it can be difficult to make those decisions without even understanding what they mean.  Typically, the menu is a huge contributor to the theme or type of event you're planning, but beyond that, the style in which it is served is actually the true contribution.  Sometimes the style of service you choose will help you come up with the perfect menu.  Likewise, if you already know the menu you plan to serve it will generally determine the style of how it is served.  All in all, we have summarized and highlighted the difference of those styles to give you an educated perspective on what it all means.

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A no waste food event!

By: Valerie Bale

“If you use a commodity or resource carefully and
without extravagance, you will never be in need.”

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It's Just a Wolf Cookie...

By: Chef Keith Lord & Valerie Bale

Comic-Con International: San Diego

Our client's vision was to serve pop-culture inspired meals at San Diego's Comic-Con in a pop-up dinner paying homage to Game of Thrones, Orange Is the New Black and Marvel's Luke Cage.

Comic-Con attendees would receive "TV Dinners" inspired by the shows. The meals would feature dishes like Genghis Connie's chow mein from Luke Cage, the Jolly Rancher weapon that Piper used to frame fellow inmate Stella Carlin in Orange is the New Black, and Jerky of the Beast inspired by the wild boar that ultimately killed Game of Thrones character King Robert Baratheon.

The artist's renderings of these three plates is exactly what the client expected us to duplicate...EXACTLY!  TWTC's sales team was ready to go to contract, “c’mon, it’s just a wolf cookie and a candy shank”, they said. "It'll be fun", they said.

It sounded like fun, but it did have its challenges.

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Surprise Wedding was a Wild Thyme for all!

So you're invited to an engagement party at a gorgeous home on a perfect San Diego afternoon, you're one drink and 2 lobster spring rolls in to the groove, and a pastor announces that there are buses waiting outside to take everyone to church...SURPRISE - Vicki and Sam are getting married today!! The cheers, squeals, and tears were contagious among the couple's shared loved ones and we were so happy to be there to cater and coordinate this very special occasion!

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The Wild Thyme Company's Mini Appetizers were Featured in Exquisite Weddings Magazine

Many thanks to Exquisite Weddings Magazine for including us in their latest issue, out on stands now! We had so much fun at the mini appetizers photo shoot with our friends from Continental Catering and Carriage Trade Catering.

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A Hit!

We absolutely adore our brides and the love has been recipricated! The Wild Thyme Company is proud to announce that we have won WeddingWire's 2012 Bride's Choice Awards. Each year, WeddingWire recognizes the top 5% of local wedding professionals from their extensive network and thanks to our wonderful client reviews, we now hold the trophy for wedding catering experts in San Diego!

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One of Our Favorite Venues

The Coronado Community Center is one of our favorite venues to work with here in San Diego. It's fantastic for us because the event staff are fantastic to work with and we have access to a full-service kitchen which makes our lives so much easier on the day of an event!

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Oktoberfest Themed Event!

It is always a lot of fun to be a part of theme parties. Recently we had an Oktoberfest themed event! It goes without saying we worked with a fun blue and white color pallet, served German Fare and a lot of beer...

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Vegan Menu with Wild Thyme Style

The Wild Thyme team is always excited when our clients ask us to customize a menu. It always provides us the opportunity to showcase new flavors and unique items while accommodating our client's needs. Recently, we were asked to create some fun vegan appetizers. While we already had an extensive list of vegetarian items, we had yet to develop a selection of vegan items. Check out our fun new Vegan items listed below and if you need a special menu created, give us a call (858)527-0226!

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Proud Member of the International Business Networking Group, BNI

The Wild Thyme Company is proud to be a member of the international business networking group, BNI. As part of our membership, we were asked to give a 10 minute presentation all about the ins and outs of Wild Thyme. It was a great opportunity to showcase all the services we offer:  formal catering, event planning, corporate to-go service, venue rental, and even gourmet lunch boxes.

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