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LOVE our Earth!

The business of catering is by nature not the easiest forum for "Going Green" but environmental consciousness is a very important cause to all of us at The Wild Thyme Company. We are constantly implementing new ideas and methods with the goal of decreasing our footprint.

Some of our daily efforts to Reduce, Recycle and Reuse include...

At Your Event
  • Offer separate recycling containers during the event
  • Offer and use of plastic to-go boxes made from recycled water bottles
  • Use of bamboo platters in place of plastic whenever possible
  • Gifting of custom reusable tote bags to clients & partners
In Our Kitchen
  • Purchase local produce & seafood as much as possible from our wonderful partners: Sadie Rose, Specialty Produce & Catalina Offshore
  • Recycling of cooking oil for bio diesel
  • Recycling program throughout our kitchen
  • Encourage staff to carpool both to the office & events
In Our Office
  • Recycling program throughout our warehouse
  • Recycling & reuse of discarded office paper
  • Coordination of composting program with one of our regular vendors

These green efforts will only continue to expand and grow as our business does!

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