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  • "I don't know where to start. The setup and decor was trendy and chic and the colors made my beach theme come alive. The food, omg, the presentation was as fabulous as the taste. A delicious combination and array of favors. The staff was on time, professional, accommodating, and Alexis is the sweetest, most hard working girl on the planet. The compliments keep flooding in and Duke & I are basking in the afterglow. Kudos to you and The Wild Thyme Company for creating such a wonderful event.
    Thank you for everything. Can't get the smile off my face."
    Mary, Wedding Party Client
  • "I had the BEST event planned by The Wild Thyme Company! They designed a special menu with my ideas in mind and prepared unique recipes with super fresh ingredients. If you are looking for a passionate catering company who delivers unsurpassed service and delicious food, I would recommend Wild Thyme!"

    Monique, Event
  • “Thank you so much for the great catering yesterday. Everyone on board loved it! Thanks for making me look so good with great food!”

    Stephanie Peck, Lead Flight Attendant, Sony Aviation, Inc.
  • “Our event could not have gone better! Your staff worked very hard and made all of our requests come true! Everyone raved about your wonderful food; thanks again for everything!”

    Lisa Kaufmann, Autism Tree Project Foundation
  • “Thanks for making it a great party, once again! You made it easier than ever for me, which makes me happy! I have gotten rave reviews on the food and the bartenders did a great job as well.”

    Paul Ecke III, Private Party Client
  • “You guys did an absolutely amazing job. I can’t tell you how EVERYONE raved about the food. Jeanna and Dawn are the best. Thank you!”

    Cyndie Olson, Celebration Event Design
  • “Our lunch today was SO delicious. I love the complexity of the flavors, the attention to detail, and of course, the use of whole grains. Yummy! I look forward to enjoying more Wild Thyme food.”

    Lara Gish, Marketing & Innovation, Kashi
  • “Thank you for all your hard work to help make our event so special! Everyone loved the food and the service was excellent. I am looking forward to working with you in the future!”

    Jessica Brandon, Special Events Manager, Ruben H. Fleet Science Center
  • “I wanted to say what a nice job you and your staff did at our Halloween party. The food was outrageously good and the staff was excellent. Thank you!”

    Steve Casad, UCSD
  • “What a great presentation you two did. My clients loved it. I have to say, I felt everything was very tasty, great flavors. Thank you again, it was a pleasure.”

    Maria Kamon, MK Productions Meeting & Event Planning
  • “Hands down the best caterer in San Diego. We've used them for business lunches (AMAZING) and I recently attended a team building cook off in their kitchen. Their ability to put zip and flair into something as typically boring as a boxed lunch is simply unbelievable. I love Wild Thyme's commitment to local, sustainable foods. Most importantly, their staff is out of this world! All in all, a 5-star company with the quirky idea that even something as simple as my work lunch is important!”

    Sam Knox, Clever Advantage
  • Wild Thyme catered and helped me plan my wife's birthday this year and it was a huge success. The food was fantastic, presentation was elegant, and the serving staff was prompt, courteous, and professional. My wife was thrilled, her friends were thrilled, we had all of the fun without any of the stress. With Wild Thyme we raised the bar for the home parties we'll host and attend. Very highly recommended.”

    Andrew Crossan, Private Party Client
  • "Wild Thyme is rock solid. Catered our wedding for 185 guests on the 4th of July. This was at our home on a major holiday, so the logistics were challenging. They set up a kitchen with 14 staff / bartenders / servers in our garage, and made it all look easy. Lots of great items on our menu but the short ribs with mashed potatoes and asparagus was my personal fave."

    Justin W., Wedding Party Client
  • "My wife and I used Wild Thyme for our wedding on March 26, 2016 and we were very pleased with their food and service. The servers took excellent care of everyone and many of our guests made a point of telling us how amazing the food was! We are both foodies and the food was really wonderful!! We would highly recommend them."

    Marty C., Wedding Party Client
  • "If there were 10 stars available, that would still be too few. Wild Thyme catered our daughter and future son in law's engagement party. The food was beyond expectation, the presentation was simple and elegant and the servers were fabulous. The afternoon was flawless and the guests continually commented about the food, selection and excellence of service. As the event concluded, the staff invisibly gathered the tables and other items and departed all without interruption the ongoing party. Thank you to Jeanna and the entire Wild Thyme staff. We were so impressed that we hope to have you back for the farewell breakfast following the wedding.."

    Steven S., Engagement Party Client
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The Wild Thyme Company
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San Diego, CA 92121


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