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Mexican-Italian Fusion

It's not what you think...it's so much BETTER!

Our client requested a wedding menu that was going to honor the cultural background of both the bride and the groom.  Something elegant enough for an evening wedding, but recognizable enough to please a crowd.  Little did we know that this simple request could breed an ingenious cross-cultural masterpiece that was mind-blowingly delicious!

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Crostada Tostada, kale , butternut, ricotta, radish
Pizzadillas, pepperoni, roasted peppers, black olive, three cheeses
Orzo Arancini, chorizo, melty mexican cheeses, avocado, cilantro, lime dipping sauce

Family Style Main

Smoked Chicken, roasted corn, poblano & cheese tortellini
12 Hour Italian Braised Beef Tamale,
ricotta cheese, fire-roasted tomato sauce
Southwestern Chicken Parmesan, fire-roasted tomato sauce, queso fundido
Enchilada Stuffed Shells, poblanos, charred corn
Chile Verde Pork Raviolis, parmesan cheese
Sweet Corn Polenta, baja ratatouille
Southwestern Caesar Salad, pepitas, tortilla strips, chipotle Caesar dressing


Pepita Cannolis
Sopapillas, espresso chocolate
Fried Spumoni

Mexican-Italian Fusion

Mexican-Italian Fusion

It's not what you think...
it's so much BETTER!

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Vendor Showcase

Vendor Showcase

To Kick Off the New Year!
Classic. Simple. Modern.

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Upscale Corporate Feast

Upscale Corporate Feast

High-End and Off the Menu
A Culinary Masterpiece!

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