Hors D'oeuvres

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Light Fare with Flare...

Because The Wild Thyme Company produces “Borderless Cuisine” our chefs create hundreds of small bites to satisfy any preference and palate.

Chef's Pick

Island Thyme Ahi Poke Tostada, maui sweet onion, cucumber, ogo seaweed, green onion, really good sesame oil, shoyu, roasted sesame seeds, wonton crisp
Edamame Fritter, sweet chili shrimp, black sesame, micro cilantro
Local BLT Scallop Slider, crisp bacon, butter lettuce, sweet tomato, burnt lemon aioli, brioche bun

Banh Mi Mini, lemongrass chicken, lime aioli, pickled carrot, cilantro, baguette
Apple Fritter, herb roasted chicken, mozzarella, marjoram
Arepa, corn masa, chicken-avocado salad, red bell pepper, lime, cilantro

Chinese 5 Spice Duck Confit, citrus-hoisin glaze, macadamia curry crumble, taro chip
Grilled Cheese Bite, gala apple, prosciutto, brie sourdough
Cubano bite, roasted pork loin, jamon, house-made pickles, dijonnaise

Strawberry Burrata Crostini, balsamic syrup, cracked black pepper, honeycomb
French Onion Fondue, gruyere, brioche bowl, thyme
Roasted Portobello Slider, herbed hummus, tomato, spinach, seeded bun

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