Performance Stations

perfomace station The Wild Thyme Company

Performance Station

perfomace station The Wild Thyme Company

Our most popular style of service!

These interactive food displays are a great way to experience different varieties of food while mixing and mingling with your guests.

Chef's Pick

Straight from Spain
Paella, spanish saffron infused rice, chicken, local shellfish, green & red bell peppers, onions, garlic, green beans, sweet peas, roasted piquillo peppers
Pan de Queso, traditional spanish bread, grated farm cheese
Chunky Gazpacho Salad, cucumber, tomato, avocado, parsley, serrano, cilantro, lime, fleur de sel

Satays & Skewers
Indonesian Chicken Satay, peanut glaze
Miso-Teri Beef & Scallion Skewer
Sweet Chili Glazed Tofu Skewer 
Marinated Cucumber Salad, edamame, tomato, black sesame
Thai Fried Rice Cakes, egg, scallions, fried garlic
Grilled Pineapple Sambal

Baja Med
Esquites (Baja Street Corn), crema, lime, tapatillo, tajin, puffed rice “chicharone”, cilantro
Mexican Shrimp Cocktail, orange & spiced tomato base, avocado, cucumber, serrano, cilantro
Seafood Crudo Tostada, salsa aji amarillo, jicama
Crispy Pork Belly Sopes, cabbage slaw, guallijo salsa

Dim Sum & Sushi
BBQ Pork Steam Buns
Longanisa Gyoza, garlic-vinegar sauce
Vietnamese Spring Rolls, shrimp & tofu
Hamachi Nigiri, wild thyme style, nori wrapped
Dipping Sauces & Accompaniments, spicy peanut, garlic vinegar, citrus ponzu, sweet chili, soy
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