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For me, it’s as if God created food as a way to let me know he loves me. Not to say other things in my life lack its importance (like my family, of course), but food is usually at the center of it all. I always had this passionate theory that food was more than just sustenance, but it wasn’t until I chose a career in catering that I could actually nurture the obsession. As it turns out, the combination of an undying commitment to the food plus the loving support of a kick-ass family makes the most ideal life one could ever ask for!

  • I am inspired by: Kids that love to cook and eat
  • Favorite food an 2am: “Son of a beanchee” (bean and cheese calzone with carne asada-I made it up!)
  • My favorite aroma: Garlic butter
  • Favorite city to eat my way through: duh, Portland.
  • Why I am a foodie: If it’s not already obvious, I am obsessed with food!
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