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A no waste food event!

By: Valerie Bale

“If you use a commodity or resource carefully and
without extravagance, you will never be in need.”

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WHEN THE WILD THYME COMPANY’s Chef Keith Lord casually coined the hashtag #nowastechef, he never expected the response or demand from what can now be called the “following”. After several educational seminars, collaborative research and development, awards, and now pop-up dinners, highlighting ingredients the common world would typically call trash is becoming a trend, but our very own and other locally notarized chefs are cultivating it as a lifestyle.

In this last month when our friend and collaborator Greg Shapiro (of Tastebuds Custom Catering in Naples, FL) came to San Diego for a visit, it seemed only natural to organize a #nowastechef event sponsored by THE WILD THYME COMPANY at our very own North Park venue, The bash! Boutique, where 29 guests experienced an intimate, one-of-a-kind style of dining called bash!Ed Up. Chefs Keith and Greg, along with other local celeb chefs Davin Waite (of Wrench & Rodent in O-Side) and Willie Eick (Mission Ave Bar & Grill, also in O-Side), brought a whole different perspective to being creative in the kitchen.

dsc 2413 2From bruised, deformed and downright ugly produce (courtesy of Cyclops Farms) to the parts and pieces of farm animals and fish (contributed by Catalina Offshore and Autonomy Farms) that would normally be disposed of, these chefs showcased a more primitive and organic way of consuming all the odds and ends. Don’t be fooled, the next-level innovation assured there was no lack in mind-blowing flavor and the cutting-edge plate-ups brought some epic entertainment through table interaction! Sort of circling the culinary arts back to an ancient era of maximum expenditure as a standard and using a contradicting less is more approach.

dsc 2605 2But wait, there’s always more…who doesn’t want to enjoy an ambitious menu like this without a carefully plotted beer pairing?! Thrown into the mix was Culver Beer Co.’s Mike Stevenson (of Carlsbad) and not only did he actually pour the beer himself, he donated his spent beer grains to make the sourdough bread used in the third course dish!

dsc 2398 2This insanely amazing four course collaborative dinner is only a kick-off to what you can expect to see from The Wild Thyme Company in the future. It was so cool to see the excitement surrounding a topic that doesn’t get enough hype in our industry and in the community and it all came together brilliantly with special thanks to our friends and partners Adore Folklore, Isari Flower Studio, Weeds and Whimsy, The Wheel Stoneware and Chase Life Photography

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