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By: Valerie Bale

Planning an event has been known to be slightly stressful and somewhat overwhelming.  Details have to be decided early on in order to complete a bigger picture and sometimes it can be difficult to make those decisions without even understanding what they mean.  Typically, the menu is a huge contributor to the theme or type of event you're planning, but beyond that, the style in which it is served is actually the true contribution.  Sometimes the style of service you choose will help you come up with the perfect menu.  Likewise, if you already know the menu you plan to serve it will generally determine the style of how it is served.  All in all, we have summarized and highlighted the difference of those styles to give you an educated perspective on what it all means.

grazenoshNOSH + GRAZE is a preview of the menu to come that will stimulate your guests appetite, especially events taking place during a usual meal time. Even though it’s true intention is to open an event, in certain instances it can stand alone and become a full-service option for short cocktail receptions or other casual gatherings. Our TASTE. SAVOR. CELEBRATE. packages include Passed Hors D’oeuvres and a Grazing Table in addition to your Main Course.

stationsPERFORMANCE STATIONS are becoming increasingly more popular for any style event.  Whether it’s chef attended or allowing your guests the ability to customize their dish, this interactive service offers a great variety while keeping your guests moving and mingling.  Plus it gives you the flexibility to eliminate the need to have an assigned seat for everyone.  If you are looking to add an element of entertainment to your party our ACTION PERFORMANCE STATIONS are sure to please. Culinary exhibition at the station will bring the flavors of the dish to life and give your guests something to talk about.

platedAs a more elegant style, a FORMAL PLATED menu provides direct table service to your guests and gives them the option to select the entree of their choice up to ten days prior to the event date. FORMAL PLATED dinners tend to be very structured in their timeline and allow each of your guests to be served uniformly and simultaneously. This is an ideal option for events with presentations or traditional wedding receptions.

tablescape Each of the TABLESCAPE menus are interchangeable as a BUFFET or FAMILY-STYLE service. BUFFETS are classically designed to please a crowd and give your guests the ability to serve themselves. However simple or complex the menu of your choosing, a TABLESCAPE BUFFET will showcase the food in abundance.  If you are struggling to decide between Performance Stations, Formal Plated or Tablescape Buffet, the FAMILY-STYLE option is your perfect hybrid. Bring all the dishes to the table in shareable portions for your guests to serve up themselves.

We love to know we are keeping you in the know!  Don't hesitate to reach out to your Wild Thyme Coordinator for even more information!

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