The Wild Thymes

The Wild Thymes

Surprise Wedding was a Wild Thyme for all!

So you're invited to an engagement party at a gorgeous home on a perfect San Diego afternoon, you're one drink and 2 lobster spring rolls in to the groove, and a pastor announces that there are buses waiting outside to take everyone to church...SURPRISE - Vicki and Sam are getting married today!! The cheers, squeals, and tears were contagious among the couple's shared loved ones and we were so happy to be there to cater and coordinate this very special occasion!

Now you return to the house which has quickly been transformed into a full-on wedding reception - the DJ is rocking, the libations are flowing, the lights are twinkling and our tasty food is ready to be devoured! Cabernet braised short ribs with brussel sprouts and deluxe macaroni and cheese is on the dinner menu and for dessert, you ask?

Another surprise! The couple's family has homemade ice cream sandwiches (in 3 flavors!) ready for us to tray-pass...yum! Now it's time for toasts and dancing...then one more surprise?? As guests begin to head home down the candle-lit, mason jar-lined pathway, they are greeted by a Carl's Jr. truck for late night, post-dance party hunger relief.

Cheers to the blissfully happy couple, a perfect day, and a one-of-a-kind experience for all. The Wild Thyme Company couldn't be happier to have been part of Vicki & Sam's special day; we won't forget this unique gem of an approach to nuptials or the small, warm touches from this day and the wonderful crowd of friends and family we met anytime soon! Thanks to John O'Mara Photography for the fun shots and for being such a fantastic addition to The Wild Thyme catering family!


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